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Frequently Asked Questions
Q 1 : Why are Domain Express' Fees so cheap?
Q 2 : Will I be informed when it's time to renew my domain name(s)?
Q 3 : What if I want to transfer my Domain name away?
Q 4 : Can I Buy domains in Bulk?
Q 5 : How do I enable email and web forwarding?
Q 6 : Can I get Web Space?
Q 7 : How do I upload my web pages? (FTP)
Q 8 : What are the Name servers settings?
Q 9 : Email Settings (for hosting customers)
Q 10 : I already have a domain name, can I still host it with you?
Q 11 : Can I register the Domain Name with you and Host it elsewhere?
Q 12 : MX Records ie using an External Mail Server
Q 13 : How do I remove my personal information from whois ? How to apply ID Protect ?
Q 14 : What method of payment do you accept?
Q 15 : What is a CNAME record?
Q 16 : What is an A record?
Q 17 : What is an MX record?